SaaS Marketing: How to do it like a Pro in 2021

SaaS Marketing: How to do it like a Pro in 2021

Software as a Service or SaaS as it is commonly called has emerged as the most preferred cloud model for business organizations. The exponential increase in the demand for SaaS products has also led to intense competition in this field. To lead the race of competition and be ahead of your rivals, you need to have a robust SAAS Marketing Strategy for selling your SaaS products.

SaaS marketing is challenging because of the following reasons: 

  • The product is intangible 
  • The product is ever-changing 
  • The customer base is limited to B2B  
  • The competition is fierce 

The companies selling SaaS products can adopt the following approach for effective SaaS marketing: 

1.Increasing the Traffic:

The most fundamental principle of SaaS marketing is to drive more web traffic. The customers spend a lot of their time on their internet. Hence, it becomes imperative for SaaS marketers also to use the power of the web to multiply their sales. You can improve your digital presence and increase your visibility by the following methods:

2.Content Marketing:

Content marketing is a viable method to market SaaS products as it offers high returns with low risks. These days, customers do thorough research before buying any product. If you write informative content about your SaaS products, it would garner more sales. You should tell the customers how your SaaS product would help them and solve their troubles. You can post blogs, videos, and tutorials regarding your products.

Moz uses the strategy of content marketing for promoting its SaaS products. It publishes its blogs, guides, and informative videos and tutorials to increase the leads and revenues.

3.Pay Per Click Advertising:

Pay Per Click Advertising is an influential and indomitable tool in the hands of SaaS marketers to elevate their sales instantly. Strategic PPC tactics secure high traffic for your website, give rapid results and multiply your profits quickly. SaaS companies should run streamlined and systematic PPC campaigns to drive relevant and quality traffic to their website which has a high percentage of being translated into actual buyers.

4.SEO tool:

Search Engine Optimization is the need of the hour. Optimized content rules the digital market. As content is the unbeatable king, SaaS companies need to have a content-rich website and web pages that have a perfect balance of suitable keywords and their utility.

5.Increase your e-mail list:

SaaS companies should have a large e-mail database of their prospective and actual customers. Once, your e-mail list is ready, you should send regular updates regarding SaaS products, new versions, case studies, product reviews, etc to the customers for more conversions.

6.Well-Designed landing Pages:

A welldesigned landing page creates an impactful first impression. As a landing page is the first point of contact between a prospective customer and your organization, it must be designed immaculately to garner positive response. The landing page should be informative as well as intriguing. You can generate more leads and convert them into sales with the help of phenomenal landing pages.

7.Action-oriented CTA’s:

It is also a great marketing idea to incorporate action-oriented CTA’s in your website. A call-to-action would encourage the customers to buy your SaaS products. You can use CTA’s such as fill forms; book a demo, free trial, etc. to improve your conversion rates.

8.Free Trials and Demos:

SaaS companies should offer free trials to their prospective customers as nothing works better than free demos and trials. Free trials are an effective way to boost the revenues of your SaaS products. Pipedrive, a leading SaaS company offers free trials to its prospective customers to acquire them as its permanent and loyal customers.

9.Word of Mouth Publicity:

SaaS companies should ensure that they offer quality SaaS products to clients. If you deliver a delighted customer experience, the customers would further promote your SaaS product. Word of Mouth Publicity plays a significant role in increasing your sales and profits. A huge network of happy clients would build a strong customer base.

10.Convert your Leads into Sales:

It is of paramount importance to convert your leads into sales. SaaS companies should ask for referrals from the customers who opt for trials. A satisfied customer would refer more friends and acquaintances and amplify your revenue stream. You can offer discounts and incentives for referring others. Like Dropbox offers attractive incentive of 16 GB free storage for every person you refer.

11.Featuring on SaaS review sites:

Another effective strategy is to get featured on SaaS review sites like Producthunt, SaaSGenius, DiscoverCloud,G2 Crowd etc. These days, customers are also tech-savvy and they research before buying any product. If a customer wants to purchase a SaaS product, he would do a thorough research about it. He would visit the product review sites to know about the product and check the reviews.
If he would find positive reviews, he would decide to buy the SaaS product. Hence, it would be beneficial to get featured on product review sites and garner positive reviews for your SaaS products.

A goal driven marketing strategy for SaaS products would accomplish your targets and embark you on the road to success.

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