Wanteet Case Study


About the customer

Wanteet is a marketplace and service centre automation platform for creating on demand marketplaces. Sales bots help gather and qualify prospects, sometimes scheduling conversations with sales agents.
wanteet showcase

Challenges of the customer

Chatbots are marketplace helpers. They offer creative opportunities when it comes to dealing with customer engagement and that was the biggest challenge for Wanteet as they had to automate market places to create a seamless customer experience.

Solution Delivered

Our team of technological experts automated with marketplaces, AI sales bots, FB bots, FAQ bots, service bots etc and build their complete solution.
wanteet showcase2

Driving successful Outcomes

The chatbots could simplify the customers experience with an unmatched level of personalisation. Wanteet could not only entertain new customers but also drive more sales from the existing customers. Our AI Solutions eventually helped the company boost sales and increase loyalty of the customers.