Important things to consider while migrating to public cloud during pandemic

Important things to consider while migrating to public cloud during pandemic

Cloud is a software and service that is run on the internet and can save all your important data safe and secured. It has computing power with any direct management by the user. Cloud migration is when a company shifts some or all the data centres to a reserved space like a cloud. It is run on a cloud-based infrastructure, which you need to buy from a cloud service provider. Cloud migration is a fundamental shift for any business. Many service providers for the cloud-like Google Cloud, Oracle, Amazon cloud, IBM, Salesforce, and much more. Please choose the best cloud migration platform for your business only after good research on it.

What is a Public Cloud?

Public Cloud is a cloud resource like servers and storage space that a third party manages. Organizations widely use it for cloud migration of business data. They have multiple other organizations on board with whom you share space via the public internet. It is a model where you can hire this company providing a shared cloud space for cloud migration of data, who has all the computing skills, required infrastructure, and apt management ready to serve your needs. Public cloud can be purchased from these service providers as per your requirement for cloud migration of your business data. Once you have your own space on the public cloud, the service provider helps you with end-to-end cloud migration assistance of your preferred data and gives you a timeline for finishing the job.

What are the benefits of migrating to a public cloud?

In this ever-increasing digital world with new technologies, tools, and updates, it is essential to make the most of it to gain desired results. Efficiency plays a significant role in maximizing the usage and gains more in less amount of time. Hence, it’s the best business sense to move a cloud-based storage technology by undergoing cloud migration of all your essential business data.

There are three types of cloud – Public, Private and Hybrid cloud which can be bought for cloud migration for your essential business data. Depending on the nature of your business, your budget, and your needs, you can choose a suitable one for the cloud migration of your data.

Let’s have a wider look at the benefits of having a Public Cloud.


The public cloud would benefit the most from cloud migration because it has an extremely flexible pricing structure. The providers offer an hourly payment structure to businesses that have bought space on their public cloud for cloud migration of valuable data. They can only pay for the infrastructure based on their business needs. There is no fixed cost commitment to run a business application or a website on this public server.

Set up and Installation is Easy 

In a hurry for cloud migration of all your business data? Then public cloud is the one that can be set up in few hours, and it can be easily bought to the internet to configure and deploy remotely by the service providers of this public cloud. The internal IT team of the organization can also monitor the cloud migration remotely with just an internet connection.

No Maintenance 

The cloud service provider is responsible for all the end-to-end maintenance of software, infrastructure, hardware, and other network issues in the cloud. Businesses can rest assured about being up to date with all the aspects of cloud migration like safety, security, and timely upgrades. Cloud migration on public servers reduces over costs of business.

No Commitments for long-term 

We all want to exist in this digital world and want to utilize the digital tools and technology for our business to grow more. Similarly, while taking up a cloud migration decision, small and medium-sized companies are not sure about the absolute requirement like how much storage they would need, its bandwidth, etc. Hence a public cloud works out well for them for cloud migration of their business data as it doesn’t require any long-term commitment and investment. The public cloud provider offers an hourly payment model, making the engagement hassle-free and easy for both the service provider and the client.

Live Globally in Few Minutes

Public cloud providers for cloud migration of data are in immense demand. They are making the robust computing environment available with massive network servers for cloud migration of data, a boon for SMEs worldwide. They also have data centres worldwide, making life easy by selecting the desired country as per business needs to go live in just a few minutes.

Zero Risk and Maximum uptime

The public cloud provider guarantees more than 99% of uptime and no risk of failures for timely cloud migration of your data. They have such a mechanism that if one server fails, another one takes up the workload automatically to ensure smooth functioning of all the business applications and timely cloud migration of data.

Why is it important to migrate to a public cloud during a pandemic?

We all have had a massive hit on our pockets during this pandemic. And such backend expenses like having your own private or hybrid server for cloud migration of your data, having an additional backend team, and its maintenance will drain out your left-over profit as well. Hence, instead of opting for a huge expensive server for cloud migration of business data, a public server is always a good idea to opt for your business needs, considering that it has a low cost involved, multiple companies share hardware, the multi-tenant environment makes it more accessible, and the infrastructure cost gets divided across all the tenants. They also have a pay-as-you-go model where you can pay hourly as per your business need. You get more in less if you have a public server for cloud migration of your business data and services to all your needs more efficiently. These are few essential things to be considered while migrating to a public server.

Summing up

Technology is always there at your rescue. But making the right choice at the right time will always make a difference. Cloud migration with your data is the latest and well-known space to safeguard your essential data with security in this technological world. Hence, knowing the importance of cloud migration and your budgets, you should opt for the practical, efficient, and cost-effective one. It would help if you were assured of having the best solutions for your data security cloud migration, which will certainly not burn your pockets and will always be profitable and safe. The public server is the answer for cloud data migration to be safe, cost-effective, and efficient under all circumstances.

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