We have helped Hilti market its products for construction, building, and maintenance by being part of their long-term mobile strategy, designing world-class mobile apps for all their suite of products.

Mentoring Minds

We digitally transformed Mentoring Minds print media into an interactive award winning mobile app where teachers can learn how to access and train students.

Felix Healthcare

General Developers’ technological experts provided uncompromised quality AI service thus delivering cost effective value for patients and doctors.

Capsico Health

General Developers provided intelligent solutions using big data to run millions of health records and generate decision making reports for Capsico Healthcare.

Magik Flix

Your kids can now have a safe, curated, ad-free and personalized video experience. We developed MagicFlix android app from scratch making it to over 65000+ downloads!

Flight Speak

General Developers implemented the visual design for Flight Speak to capture flight experience and provide offers in almost all airports in USA.

Pocket Teller

Our technology empowers thousands of users do their banking and share their own money easily, affordably, and securely.

Yotta Real

Yotta Real became the one solution that any property management company would like to have it for a peace of mind through our reliable mobile development support system

Taj Rummy

General Developers successfully developed an entire suite of gaming applications from the scratch for a professional Rummy Gaming Platform, Taj Rummy


General Developers enabled Wanteet’s customers to qualify prospects, autodetect sales opportunities and serve marketing information through our expert-designed AI solutions

My Choices Foundation

We are privileged to get an opportunity to help My Choices Foundation & give women, children and families choices to live lives free from violence, abuse and exploitation.

Yotta Services

General Developers devised innovative and efficient mobile solution to cater the needs of Yotta Services which aims to eliminate paper based inspections process and ensures that inspections go smoothly with the speed, competency and professionalism.

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