Magik Flix Case Study

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About the customer

Magik flix is a video streaming service for kids, aged 12 and under. The kids video subscription service/app is safe and engaging which is available across leading mobile and tablet platforms. Videos are classified and curated for ages 3-6, 6-8 and 9-12.Parents can set time limits, set content preferences as well as view reports of usage. Parents can create a playlist of favourite videos that can be played continuously.
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Challenges of the customer

Kids love watching videos on their smartphones and tablets, and most turn to YouTube – which is on average 3 clicks away from inappropriate content. A thought provoking idea strikes the techie mom-prefers to solve a real need of giving kids their own personalized environment that served up both fun and educational video content curated by age.

Solution Delivered

General Developers developed their entire Android app from scratch integrating within app purchases, live streaming, unlock videos through in-app purchases, setting viewing time limits for parents and much more. We successfully collaborated with the Magic Flix team in changing the way kids use digital media.
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Driving successful Outcomes

Magic Flix successfully attained 65000 app downloads with our customer centric mobile app development service. The app Watchables made it to the Top 3 apps in the Kids category on the iTunes App Store, with over 20,000 sessions and an average of 5.53 mins per session.