Capsico Health Case Study

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About the customer

Capsico Health applies intelligence to the enormous health data and creates meaningful, decision making reports.
Capsico Health’s platform provides cloud based tools for providers to manage risk contracts, identify opportunities to reduce cost variation and drive interventions. Capsico Health’s platform can pinpoint high risk groups that are likely to have unplanned hospitalizations, and lead to high variation in care and costs.
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Challenges of the customer

Capsico Health saw an innate need for a software solution for healthcare managers to rapidly track at-risk patients, share information across provider groups and operate efficiently on care and support. Capsico Healthcare saw an opportunity where they could reduce total cost of care, and manage resources better while improving patient outcomes.

Solution Delivered

General Developers built their intelligence platforms in big data running millions of records and generated intelligent reports. We helped in analysing billions of data points around population level costs, utilization and quality along with extracting valuable information on patient quality and health status to drive appropriate care.
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Driving successful Outcomes

AI platform built by our team of experts identified opportunities and boost productivity for financial analysts and clinicians by analysing billions of data points in multi-cloud environments and accurately identifying cohorts at-risk. The platform has driven 99% accuracy in data quality, 15% reduction in operational costs, over 80% accuracy in identification (e.g. hospitalizations, emergency visits, infections and more), and enabled teams to focus on redefining healthcare.