FelixHealthcare.AI Case Study

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About the customer

FelixHealthcare.AI provides patented Artificial Intelligence Healthcare engine.Inspired by the IHI’s original Triple Aim (now the Quadruple), Felix Healthcare uses collective experience in healthcare and technology to tackle problems, one at a time. Felix Health care is an award winning organization that applies artificial intelligence to automate mundane, repetitive tasks, identifying risks in patients and cost analysis etc.
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Challenges of the customer

One of the biggest challenges Felix Healthcare had been facing is how to convert all of the paper records and scanned copies into electronic ones.

Reducing the repetitive tasks that can make the workdays blend all together was a strenuous task for Felix. A system that would allow for more action-oriented behavior to improve the patient experience was an urgent need for the Artificial Intelligence Healthcare engine,Felix.

Solution Delivered

General Developers’ technological experts provided uncompromised quality AI service thus delivering cost effective value for patients and doctors.We at GD helped in building their admin portal to manage the activities in converting scanned copies to real data using AI.
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Driving successful Outcomes

Our Software solution has led to a new trend in Felix healthcare. Till recently they associated health care with high costs and long waits, but now, patients are calling the shots, with access to higher-quality doctors, and higher satisfaction levels overall. It’s a healthy new way to look at the healthcare industry and doctors and patients are becoming more and more comfortable in accessing healthcare information on the mobile devices. Paper charts and document rooms have been a history. Felix and its patients are now able to store medical records in the cloud, with the ability to access data online 24/7.