Mentoring Minds Case Study

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Mentoring Minds helps teachers, students to learn better by providing tools in digital and print media. Mentoring Minds impacts millions of students every day by partnering with principals and teachers across the country to improve student achievement and teach critical thinking.
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Challenges of the customer

Lisa and Michael Lujan founded Mentoring Minds because they believed that education levels the playing field and provides all kids with opportunity. In his career as a teacher and an assistant principal, Michael had seen this first-hand, and he wanted to take his expertise and build the tools that would help students learn how to learn. They had to keep working alongside teachers and administrators to ensure that implementation goes smoothly, teachers are equipped with what they need, and students are successful.

Our Solution

To make this initiative successful and running, General Developers set up the mobile app comprising  Class Room Resources and Educator Resources for Mentoring Minds. The Class Room Resources includes:
  • Think Up Standards Mastery System: This is an end-to-end solution that brings the ThinkUp! Standards Mastery System fully into the digital realm, and weaves the 9 Traits of Critical Thinking™ into every aspect of teaching and learning.
  • Instructional Management Platform: All the benefits of the ThinkUp! Standards Mastery System are paired with enhanced capabilities to meet the instructional assessment and reporting needs of districts.
  • Assessment: Approachable yet sophisticated capabilities to build and deliver assessments in a variety of formats. 
  • ELA/R resources: They embed critical thinking and deliver standards-based instruction. They’re designed to build students who are thinkers—not just test-takers. 
  • Math, Science, Writing: Instructional strategies for planning content-driven lessons, differentiating instruction, and creating thinking-centred classrooms through the interactive mobile application.
  • Team Think Up: This offers educators and students a common language for critical thinking instruction at the classroom level.  

Educator Resources includes:

  • This feature offers extensive best-selling educator resources right from your smartphone. New users get a free 14-day trial.
  • Mentoring Minds Resource Library has over $1,000 worth of content from our award-winning educator resources—priced at just $2.99/mon or $29.99/yr. The app provides educators with convenient access to best practices and strategies that support instruction and promote student success.

Driving successful Outcomes

We digitally transformed their print media into a user friendly, interactive award winning mobile app where teachers can learn how to access and train students. 

The ease of using the application for students and teachers helped the students to build the critical thinking skills they need to be successful on the exam as well as in life.  The ease of accessibility became invaluable for educators. The breakdown of standards, lesson and assessment activities and resources made Mentoring Minds a  rigorous program to challenge student thinking and engage them.