Pocket Teller Case Study

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About the customer

Pocket Teller was established in 2014 and is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States. Pocket Teller is a developer of a mobile application and financial card for providing financial services. The company develops a mobile application and financial card that enables users to access their money at any time. It enables users to transfer money to their families, pay their bills, and receive notifications about the transactions.
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Challenges of the customer

Improving application response time, providing a consistent user experience across all devices, protection against app crashes and improving backend performance metrics was a major challenge for the financial service company, Pocket Teller.

Solution Delivered

Our technology empowered thousands of users to do their banking and share their own money easily, affordably, and securely. We provided a highly scalable, secure backend systems for handling thousands of users. Built web front end to access the secure servers hosted on cloud.
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Driving successful Outcomes

General Developers’ reliable mobile development support system immensely helped Pocket Teller to make money on the transaction fees adding to the business growth of the company.