Yotta Real Case Study

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About the customer

Yotta Real is the one solution that any property management company likes to have for peace of mind. They are on a mission to provide world class single database property management software that will support any size property management company. They aim to boost collaboration between employees, provide an easy to use, fully-functioning solution that will save time and increase return on investment.
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Challenges of the customer

Simplifying data management and its accessibility was the key challenge for Yotta Real. It required a property management software that could automate all complex processes, tasks, and duties, which would otherwise need time and manpower. From issuing notifications, sending reminder emails to the creation of reports and documents, Yotta Real wanted to look after each and every aspect of any business.

Solution Delivered

General Developers’ handled the entire Android echo system and Mobile development team . We delivered an innovative software solution for Yotta Real to any property portfolio of size and also aimed to reduce administrative complexity, stabilize cash flow, and streamline operations. Our team has facilitated mobile, web based orders and devised a user friendly and time saving Yotta Real App for the maintenance team.
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